How to plan for a hair transplant procedure

How to plan for a hair transplant procedure

The first step while planning to undergo any surgery is to understand the procedure completely.

Hair transplant
is done to cover areas of the scalp that is totally devoid of any hair as in male pattern hair loss also known as androgenetic alopecia. Here are the points that we need to look at

1. stage of baldness.

2. condition of the scalp skin

3.quality of the donor hair on the back and sides of the scalp

4.age of the patient

5. availability of beard and chest hair as a donor .

In stages 3-4 the number of grafts required to cover an area roughly of the palm-size could be about 2500. This includes both the parietal areas and partial coverage of the mid frontal area. If the mid frontal area is also bald then one might require about 3000 units for a cover with a good density.

if the baldness is grade 6-7 Ie advanced or complete baldness and if the patient is around 24-30 years of age, then the general tendency of the patients is to ask for a low hairline during transplantation.

in such cases if the scalp donor site is dense and good then they would need about 3 sessions comprising of a total of 7000 grafts for hair restoration .this procedure needs to be staged with a minimum interval of 3-6 months before the next procedure.

hair transplant procedure

the scalp recipient areas are divided into 3 palm sizes .the first and second sites can be covered with scalp donor hair but while performing the vertex or crown areas we may have to harvest the beard hair.

The beard hair is a very good reserve hair for hair transplant on the crown area.

In grade 6-7 and in relatively older patients between 40 and above it is recommended that the hairline be taken higher into the scalp as the donor's hair is also limited,.In such patients the need for 3 sessions is obviated and we can cover the scalp in two sittings using the beard hair during the second procedure.

When there is inadequate donor hair available all that can be done is to try and cover the scalp maximally using all the available donor hair sources in a single procedure.

hair transplant

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